10 fun gifts for kids under $20 at Amazon

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It’s the season to make a child smile.

Key points

  • You don’t have to break the bank to make a child happy.
  • The perfect gift is one that matches a child’s interests.
  • Shopping online might not get you into the holiday spirit like your local mall would, but it’s a convenient way to get things done.

For most children, the holidays are the most exciting time of year. For the adults in their lives, it’s a scramble to find the right gift – a toy, game, activity or experience that will make them smile. If you’re looking for gifts under $20, here are some fun options from Amazon this year. What could be better than nice gifts that don’t empty your bank account?

1. Set of 3 Rainbow Scratch Notebooks

  • $14.99 (that’s 40% off), plus an additional 5% when you clip the e-coupon

We can attest to the fact that kids of all ages are crazy about these rainbow scratch books. Each page initially appears black, but when scratched, it reveals a bright, colorful rainbow. This means your artistic little friend can draw a rainbow flower, an elephant, or any other shape he likes.

2. Kingci Kids Karaoke Microphone

Preloaded with 18 classic children’s songs and five fun vocal effects, the child in your life will have a blast performing at home. Fully charged, the microphone can play for 6-8 hours. When it finally comes out, you can recharge it using the included USB charging cable. It is available in blue, purple, rose gold and pink.

3. Hover over the soccer ball

  • $15.39 (47% off regular price)

This floating soccer ball has a powerful motor that keeps kids playing soccer indoors for hours. Its rounded-edge design and foam bumper mean you don’t have to worry about your walls, your furniture (or your child’s foot). Colorful LED lights add to the Jetson ambiance. If you’re looking for a toy that will distract kids from more screen time, this is it.

4. Musical Piano Mat for Kids

Young children will delight in the fact that the simple act of jumping on this piano mat produces musical sounds. Measuring 42″ x 13.6″, it’s big enough for little ones to run around and have a great time. There are 10 piano function keys and seven different instrument sounds. Made of non-woven fabric, the mat is non-toxic and won’t hurt your little one’s feet. And if you want to take it on your family visits, the piano mat is easy to fold and carry.

5. Baturu Magnetic Dart Board

  • $16.99 (a 43% discount)

You’ll never hear yourself say, “You’re going to poke your eyes out with that,” with this 12-piece magnetic dart board. Suggested for ages 5-14, suitable for all skill levels. Best of all, kids can play with it just about anywhere.

6. National Geographic Magic Chemistry Set

  • $13.99 (18% off regular price)

Both a chemistry set and a magic kit, this gift lets a child perform 10 amazing and easy tricks using science. It’s perfect for kids ages 8 and up participating in STEM activities (and putting on shows). It comes with all the ingredients they’ll need to perform their experiments as well as white gloves and a magic wand so they can put on a show.

7. Multi-functional children’s waterproof watch

Inflationary concerns should not hamper giveaways this year. Any child receiving this gift is sure to feel sophisticated wearing this digital sports watch, complete with alarm and calendar. The bracelet is made of silicone and is available in 37 different colors and patterns.

8. Saneen Kids Camera

  • $18.69 (a 15% discount on the regular price)

This little 40MP, 1080p HD digital camera is sure to make you envious that nothing like it existed when you were a kid. Created for children from 2 to 9 years old, it comes with an SD card and a special time-lapse function. It is available in eight vibrant colors.

9. Air Dry Clay (and more)

For the budding artists in your life, this set includes 36 colors of non-toxic, air-dry modeling clay, a play mat, and three sculpting tools. Whether they want to model a rainbow, a polar bear or a replica of the family cat, kids are only limited by their imagination. Suitable for children over 36 months.

10. Walkie Talkie Set of 2

  • $19.99 + 10% off with e-coupon

It’s nice to know that walkie-talkies haven’t disappeared since you were a kid. They just got more colorful. In fact, this set comes in 13 fun colors. Designed for ages 4-12, they’re lightweight and ergonomic to fit easily in a child’s hand. They even have a VOX function that allows young children to talk hands-free. Finally, they have an impressive range of 3+ KM, 22 channels and a 38 subcode.

You undoubtedly have a lot to do this holiday season, from shopping for gifts to planning the holiday meal. Shopping at Amazon might not be quite the same as wading through your local mall, but it’s definitely more convenient.

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