These 5 Costco items are gone for good, and shoppers aren’t happy about them

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Missing some of your favorite Costco products?

Key points

  • Many Costco items are popular among warehouse club members.
  • Costco sometimes stops selling certain products.
  • These products include fan favorites like its popular Kirkland Signature 5-pocket jeans and name-brand items like Pampers diapers.

Costco sells a wide variety of different products, including items under its private label Kirkland. Sometimes, however, items definitely roll off the shelves and are no longer available.

Since many Costco products have dedicated fans, this can cause a big upset among the store’s clientele.

If you’re wondering if one of your favorites has been discontinued, check out this list of Costco items that are likely gone for good.

1. Kirkland Signature 5-pocket jeans

These comfy jeans were a wardrobe staple for many until they were temporarily pulled from the market and modified in 2016. While Costco released an alternative version of the pants, many reviewers on the site lamented the loss of the original product.

Sadly, it now appears that even the edited version has disappeared with dozens of Facebook commenters claiming the items can no longer be found in stores across the country. In fact, one Facebook reviewer described himself as “appalled that they’re no longer worn.”

2. Bulk Pocky Chocolate Cream Cookie Sticks

Costco was a great place to pick up a package of chocolate covered Pocky cookies just over a pound. This Japanese treat was a popular snack that Costco sold for a better price than many competitors.

Unfortunately, while Costco still sells Pocky Variety Packs and Individual Chocolate Flavor Packs, the 1.06 pound bag is no longer available. That means fans will have to spend a little more for a single-serving option if they want to continue enjoying this delicious treat.

3. Kirkland Signature Turkey Burger

Health-conscious eaters were big fans of this extra-lean turkey burger with just 200 calories, lots of protein, and delicious flavor.

Unfortunately, despite a petition begging Costco to bring the burgers back, they’ve likely disappeared from store shelves for good.

4. Litehouse Foods Freeze-Dried Garlic

Keeping fresh garlic cloves in the house at all times – and taking the time to peel and chop them – can be a huge hassle. That’s why so many users were fans of Litehouse Foods’ freeze-dried garlic jars previously sold at Costco.

Potted garlic was a bargain, offering the equivalent of 45 cloves for just $5.79. Unfortunately, the jars were spotted with an asterisk on the price tag, indicating that they were about to be released. And a Lighthouse customer service representative confirmed to a Reddit user that Costco will no longer offer the product for sale.

5. Pampers Diapers

Many parents are loyal to certain brands of diapers due to factors such as fit, comfort, and ability to contain spills effectively. That’s why it was so disappointing for moms and dads when Costco stopped selling Pampers diapers.

Costco shoppers said they saw the asterisk on all Pampers products, signaling they were on the discontinue list. And no Pampers products have since been spotted, either online or on the shelves of club stores. Parents who don’t want to upgrade to Kirkland or Huggies brand diapers will have to look elsewhere for deals on this family essential.

While the loss of these products is undoubtedly a disappointment to many, the good news is that there are still plenty of bargains to be had at Costco. Just be sure to shop wisely so you don’t rack up too much of a credit card bill when visiting the warehouse club.

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