Trends shaping the sports drink market

Trends shaping the sports drink market

Nandini Roy Choudhury, Food and Beverage Client Partner at Future Market Insights (FMI), recently joined the Vitafoods Insights Europe virtual exhibition to provide the best consumer insights to brands looking to succeed in the beverage category. functionalities and the main trends having an impact on this sector. In the years to come.

She started by revealing that sports and energy drinks are the number one category of functional products in the world.

She revealed that the global sports nutrition market is a USD 30 billion opportunity, which is expected to reach USD 64 billion over the next decade and grow by nearly 30% in Europe alone.

80% of global consumers have tried sports drinks and 77% have tried energy drinks – figures far higher than those seen in other categories such as snack bars (46%), ready-to-drink protein drinks (32%) and sports gels (16%). .

Choudhury explains that beverages are great flexible and convenient vehicles for functional ingredients with a wide consumer audience, from children to older adults.

The category is evolving to encompass more women as well, which IMF says will lead to the evolution of an all-new portfolio of women’s health products and ingredients.

“However, creating completely new drinks or reformulating is not easy,” Choudhury adds, “There are significant technical, regulatory and nutritional hurdles that the industry must address.”

Key factors

Looking at the consumer trends driving this category, Choudhury says the key drivers are functionality, better for you (mind and body), naturalness (fewer ingredients) and sustainability.

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