5 Tips for Saving Money at Trader Joe’s

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Even the biggest Trader Joe fanatics can find ways to save money.

Key points

  • If you enjoy shopping at Trader Joe’s, you might find it easy to spend more money than expected.
  • There are a few shopping strategies that might help lower your grocery bill.
  • Beware of impulse buying, shop at a less busy time of day and use a rewards credit card for your purchases.

It’s easy to let Trader Joe overspend. The retailer offers many unique products, so it can be tempting to buy them all.

But if you’re careful, you can stick to your grocery budget and have some great shopping. Here are some tips to help you save money the next time you visit your local Trader Joe’s store.

1. Don’t fall into the impulse buying trap

Since Trader Joe’s frequently teases new products and seasonal purchases, you may feel the need to fill your cart with new items you don’t need, which will make your grocery bill more expensive than expected. .

Trying out new products can be fun, but don’t feel like you have to try them all. If you want to test out some seasonal purchases, limit yourself to one or two items per trip. It’s a good idea to stick mostly to products you already know and love to keep overspending to a minimum.

2. Use the website to plan an upcoming trip

Trader Joe’s website is full of great information. You can find nutritional information for your favorite products and get great meal ideas by browsing through the many recipes.

You can also search for available products and check product prices before visiting your local store. You won’t find all items and prices listed, but many are.

This is a valuable resource if you’re trying to avoid unnecessary expenses. You can browse the website while creating your Trader Joe shopping list and make sure you add items to your list that fit your budget.

3. Find out which products offer the most savings

Trader Joe’s has competitive prices. Although many items are affordable, not all products offer noticeable savings. However, there are plenty of great offers to buy once you find them.

I have noticed that some items are much more cost effective to buy at Trader Joe’s compared to my neighborhood grocery chain. I know which items to buy and which to avoid so I can walk out with a manageable grocery bill.

For example, I know to buy bagels and pita bread at Trader Joe’s because the prices are much cheaper than store brand equivalents elsewhere – and they’re just as delicious!

If you shop at stores other than Trader Joe’s, pay attention to the prices you see. You’ll learn which essential items are best to buy at Trader Joe’s and which items to buy elsewhere.

4. Buy at the right time

If possible, try to visit your local store during a less busy time of day. If the store is full of other shoppers, you may feel overwhelmed. This could cause you to make hasty decisions, such as buying items you don’t need and not checking product prices.

Shopping at a less busy time will likely make your shopping experience less stressful – and it could also save you money.

5. Use a rewards credit card to shop

While you won’t get instant savings at checkout, using a rewards credit card to pay for groceries is a great way to get rewarded for shopping at Trader Joe’s.

If you still spend money, you might as well take the opportunity to earn money. We suggest using one of the best grocery rewards credit cards to pay for your groceries. You can use your cash back earnings to help pay for future Trader Joe rides.

Don’t give up on your financial goals

If you’re striving to achieve important personal finance goals, you can continue to do so without giving up on going to your favorite grocer.

Just be careful what you buy and what you spend. Having a plan and sticking to your shopping list is the best way to keep your spending under control.

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