The Opener: Relief Market, Kershaw, Yoshida

The Opener: Relief Market, Kershaw, Yoshida

As the offseason continues, here are three things we’ll be keeping an eye on throughout the day today:

1. Implications of the Diaz and Suarez agreements

The relief market moved quickly at the start of this offseason, with perhaps the two best options, Edwin Diaz and Robert Suarez, already off the market. Both relievers have re-signed with the Mets and Padres, respectively, but the most notable element of those signings is the contracts they both managed to secure. Signing a five-year, $102 million contract, Diaz became the first reliever to receive either a $100 million guarantee or a $20 million AAV, although given his stellar platform season ( 1.31 ERA / 0.90 FIP), there was no doubt that he would be paid handsomely. Suarez, despite being one of the best backup arms in the class this offseason in his own right, pales in comparison to Diaz, with a 2.27 ERA and 3.32 FIP in 47 innings. 2/3 in 2022, his first major league season after playing the first six years of his career in Japan. Despite his lack of major league experience and the fact that he will play in 2023 at the age of 32, Suarez still managed to receive a five-year, $46 million contract. While the AAV is pretty much in line with what most expected, San Diego’s decision to sign Suarez to a deal that guarantees him money throughout his 36-year-old season is certainly a surprise, especially since there is also an opt-out in the agreement. With perhaps the top two relievers in the market, it will be interesting to see how the rest of the relief market plays out from here. Kenley Jansen, Raphael Monteroand Taylor Rogers represent some of the best options still available, and while they were projected for only two or three years in MLBTR’s Top 50 list yesterday, it’s reasonable to wonder if the Suarez deal signals the relief market could be stronger than expected.

2. Kershaw, the Dodgers are about to negotiate

Reports last night indicated the Dodgers were close to re-signing the longtime ace Clayton Kershaw to another one-year contract similar to the one he received last offseason, and it is possible that said contract will be concluded today. The deal comes as no surprise, as Kershaw previously mentioned he would likely continue playing in 2023, and despite rumors last year that he could sign with his hometown Texas Rangers, the wait the most prevalent was that if Kershaw plays anywhere. next season it will be in Los Angeles. Should the Kershaw deal become official, the Dodgers would have added security in their rotation to the offseason meatball. Tyler Anderson (to whom the Dodgers made a qualifying offer yesterday) and Andrew Heane joined Kershaw in free agency after the 2022 season, leaving the club in need of more arms. Still, it’s reasonable to expect LA to continue to seek rotational help even with Kershaw’s return for next year, especially given his increasingly frequent trips to the roster. injuries in recent years.

3. Masataka Yoshida To arouse interest

It was reported last week that the Nippon Professional Baseball star Masataka Yoshida can be posted by his team, Japan Series champion Orix Buffaloes, and the rumors have only grown since then. In particular, the folks at the New York Post seem confident not only that Yoshida will indeed be posted – Joel Sherman suggests such a move should take place next month – but that he will generate considerable interest from MLB clubs. Sherman notes that Yoshida “is going to generate a lot of interest,” while Jon Heyman says the Yankees, in particular, might be interested in Yoshida whether or not they manage to re-sign. Judge Aaron. Heyman notes that Yoshida’s left-handed bat could help balance a Yankees roster that’s heavily right-handed, and should become even more so if they don’t re-sign the first baseman. Anthony Rizo. If Yoshida was posted, he would join the market on the outside corner as one of the younger and more intriguing options behind Judge. Speculatively, teams such as the Blue Jays, Rangers and Mariners are among the many who may be interested in Yoshida.

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