Women, Divorce, and Retirement: He Spent All My Retirement Savings on Other Women

Women, Divorce and Retirement: Homeless but Hopeful after Financial Loss

By Mary Helen Gillespie

“Rose,” 60, from Indiana shares a bleak view of her retirement situation but encouraging words for others.

Has your divorce had a financial impact on your retirement plans?


Did you hire a financial advisor, CPA or other financial professional to help you plan for your retirement needs during the divorce process?


Was your divorce lawyer concerned about your retirement finances? Was the divorce judge?


How would you describe the quality of your financial life after divorce?

I am homeless.

What other information would you like to share with women in similar situations?

Don’t give up even when it’s hard: you matter!


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Retirement Daily shared Rose’s story with Theresa A. Harezlak, CFP®, CDFA®, Financial Advisor at Savant Wealth Management of Rockford, Illinois. Here are her thoughts for Rose and other women facing the same issues.

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